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Pro-Training Program

Professional fighters are the toughest and most well-rounded athletes in the world. They constantly push mental and physical boundaries, achieving truly amazing levels of skill, courage and fitness. To realize their full potential, professional fighters must have skilled and dedicated coaches, optimum nutrition, and top-quality training facilities. Bangkok Fight Lab Pro-Training Program is designed to give fighters the edge and prepare them for top-level competition. Fighters can train in Muay Thai with MMA veterans, Muay Thai champions, skilled boxing coaches and serious BJJ/ submission grappling coaches. Our coaches adapt their expert knowledge and personal experience to your specific fighting goals to extend your strengths and identify and correct your weaknesses, making you a much better fighter. Five days a week, morning and afternoon hours are set aside specifically for our Fighter’s Program. On the weekends, fighters can take advantage of sparring and open gym sessions, conditioning, and personal training with our top coaches. Bangkok Fight Lab also offers weekly and monthly packages that include both training and local accommodation for visiting fighters. Let Bangkok Fight Lab team help you prepare for your next fight!


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